If you are unable to attend the hosted broadcasts of the 88th Regional Support Command Virtual Industry Day on February 2, 2017, watch the live broadcast and confirm your attendance by emailing 88thServices@usace.army.mil and Info@NativePTAC.org your company name, attendees, and point of contact email and phone number

Go to www.elpasoco.com
Scroll down to banner Meetings & Agendas on the left bar
Select Live Meetings held at Regional Development Center


When you click the link, a video viewer (Windows Media Player) will ask to open, say yes
Then you will see this on your screen. Until the presentation starts.


The presentation will be recorded and made available online for review.

If you have questions during the presentation, please email Info@NativePTAC.org and we will respond and/ or forward to the live event. Include your name, company, phone and email.

All questions not answered during the event will be answered and released in a document after the event by USACE

You will be asked to complete a post event survey.