Project Title
Project No: 204813 HSC H-Wing Center for Precision Diagnostics
Type of Post
Request for proposals
Project Owner
University of Washington
Link to original solicitation
Estimated Contract Value
Under $1M
Bid Close: Date and Time
Sealed bids will be received untilAugust 14, 2015 3:00PM
Specific instructions: bid closing, mandatory meeting, bonding, insurance…
Pre-Bid Site Meeting: The Project site is available for inspection by prospective bidders at a pre-bid site meeting and walk-through at 1:30 PM on August 5, 2015 at Room H562 at the University of Washington Health Sciences Center H-Wing on the Seattle campus, Seattle, WA. This will be the only opportunity for bidders to visit the Project site.Bid Guarantee: A surety company bid bond on a form acceptable to Owner, a cashier’s check or a certified check payable to the order of University of Washington, or cash, shall accompany each bid in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the Base Bid. No bidder may withdraw its bid after the hour set for the opening thereof, unless the award of the contract is delayed for a period exceeding 60 days.Safety Plans: Prior to the issuance of the Notice to Proceed, the Contractor will be required to submit to the Owner a copy of its company safety program. See Modifications to the General Conditions, Part 5 for details.
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Subcontractor / Supplier Goals, Set Asides, Preferences
MWBE: The University of Washington is committed to providing the maximum practicable opportunity for participation by minority and women-owned businesses (MWBE) in public works. Voluntary goals for this project have been established as 10% MBE and 6% WBE. Participation may be either on a direct basis in response to this invitation to bid, or as a subcontractor or supplier. However, no minimum level of MWBE participation shall be required as a condition for receiving an award and bids will not be rejected or considered non-responsive if they do not include MWBE participation. Bidders may contact OMWBE at 360-753-9693 to obtain information on certified firms.
Scope of work
See Advertisement for BidsProject Description: The project will renovate approximately 10,125 square feet of office, conference room, research laboratory area, and laboratory support areas on the 5th Floor of H-Wing Addition in the Health Sciences Center addressing the departmental research, and support requirements in a modern cohesive laboratory suite. Existing laboratory wood casework systems, built-in office wood casework and chemical fume hoods shall remain unchanged along with the functional building elements. The proposed project will demolish existing floor and ceiling finishes of the interior building elements. Enhancements include new interior finishes (wall painting, floor finishes and ceiling tile replacement), upgrade limited areas of the existing HVAC mechanical system serving the project area and upgrade and modify the existing lighting system and electrical power, and telecommunication systems serving the project area.
Point of contact – Please include their name, job title, phone, fax, and email address.
Project Manager: Bill WestonConsultant: BergerABAM, Inc.
Contact Person: Al Bryant
Phone Number: 206-357-5624

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