Project Title
Training and Technical Assistance NAHASDA Project (self monitoring)
Type of Post
Request for proposals
Project Owner
Nisqually Indian Tribe
Bid Close: Date and Time
June 30, 2017 at 5PM
Scope of Work
Part I – Assessment
1. Work on-site with the NISQUALLY HOUSING staff to conduct a self-monitoring compliance assessment in compliance with NAHASDA.
2. Work on-site with the Nisqually Housing staff gathering and compiling the necessary information to address any existing monitoring and audit findings or concerns.
3. Provide general technical assistance to the Nisqually include description of work, location and additional industry codes not listed Housing staff regarding Indian Housing operations and development.
4. Provide assistance for a full assessment of our NAHASDA and 37 Act homes
Part II – Training
1. Provide the necessary on-site technical assistance and training to enable the NISQUALLY HOUSING professional management staff to administer the required policies and procedures.
2. Provide Tribal Council, Housing Committee and staff training as needed.
3. Work with Nisqually Housing staff to identify and apply for additional housing resources.
4. Provide other technical assistance or training agreed to by the NISQUALLY HOUSING and the firm or individual.
5. Write and/or edit policies and procedures in compliance with the NAHASDA and the Final Rule (24CFR1000) implementing the NAHASDA published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
6. Provide assistance in developing a new records and file management system
Specific instructions: bid closing, mandatory meeting, bonding, insurance…
A. The Nisqually Tribe reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received as a result of this RFP. If a proposal is selected, it will be the most advantageous regarding price, quality of service, the Vendor’s qualifications and capabilities to provide the specified service(s), and other factors in accordance with the Tribal Bidding Procedure policy. The Tribe does not intend to award a Bid fully on the basis of any response made to the proposal; the Tribe reserves the right to consider proposals for modifications at any time before a Bid would be awarded, and negotiations would be undertaken with the provider whose proposal is deemed to best meet the Tribe’s specifications and needs.
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SEALED PROPOSALS: Vendors will deliver two applications to the following address either by hand or by US postal:

Nisqually Tribe Housing Department
4820 She-Nah-Num Drive SE
Olympia WA. 98513
Phone: 360-456-5221
Attn: Jill Wall
Financial Services – Contracts

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I grant permission.
Point of contact – Please include their name, job title, phone, fax, and email address.
Natosha Kautz
(360) 493-0081

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