Project Title
Tacoma Trestle Track & Signal Project
Post Requested by
PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.
Type of Posting
Invitation to bid
Project Owner
Sound Transit
Original Solicitation Link
Estimated Contract Value
Bid Closing
January 5, 2016 at 11:00am
Subcontractor / Supplier Goals
Goals; SBE 16% – DBE 5%
Services / Supplies Needed
Construction of a new bridge to accommodate double tracks, passenger platform, wetland mitigation, landscaping, deconstruction and demolition. The bridge work includes piles and pile caps, bridge columns, precast concrete and steel girders, retaining walls, track construction, railroad signals, roadway improvements, relocations sanitary sewers, and lighting. The platform extension will include lighting, storm drainage, electrical and communication utilities, provisions for passenger canopies, hose bibs, CCTV and emergency call boxes. Work will include excavating and disposing existing soils, importing and placing wetland soils and planting wetland plants.

In addition to the above, the project includes the deconstruction and removal of the existing building on parcel RJ-020. Deconstruction and demolition shall include the building, loading dock, adjacent concrete slabs, removal of the concrete floor and foundations, backfilling all voids with crushed surfacing base course and grading to match existing. Landscaping will be installed along the perimeter of parcel RJ-020. This work will include removal of existing concrete and gravel, importing suitable topsoil, installing an irrigation system and planting plants.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and request sub-bids from all contractors and suppliers including Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, Disabled Veterans and Emerging Small Business Enterprises for the following areas of work: Track and Signals, Pile Driving Material and Installation, Pavement Marking, Water/Sewer Construction, Stormwater Treatment, Rebar Supply and Install, Electrical, HVAC, Signage, Landscaping.

SBE/DBE firms are highly encouraged to access Sound Transit eBid eXchange site and familiarize themselves with the contract documents. PCL is available to assist interested SBE/DBE firms in obtaining adequate information about the contract plans, specifications and requirements for this project. PCL is available to discuss breaking the work into economically feasible units to maximize the opportunity for participation by SBE/DBE firms on this project and encourages SBE/DBE firms to follow up with our estimating staff as early as possible, to engage in discussions about the scope of work they are capable of providing.

Point of Contact
Jim Carroll
PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.
3650 131st Ave SE, Suite 600
Bellevue, WA 98006
Phone (425) 394-4200 | Fax (425) 394-4296


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