Project Title
Yelm Southwest Well 1A Water System Improvements
Post Requested by
Pease & Sons, Inc. (Jennifer Kuljam, Estimator)
Type of Posting
Sub-bids requested
Project Owner
City of Yelm
Original Solicitation Link
Estimated Contract Value
$4.8 million – $5 million
Bid Closing
07/15/15 @ 2:00pm
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This project is subject to WA State L&I Prevailing Wage Rates. Certified payroll will be required.
Subcontractor / Supplier Goals
Services / Supplies Needed
Please note that the project site is unsecured and interested bidders may visit the site on their own time.Project Description: The City of Yelm recently drilled and pump tested its SW 1A well. This project will equip this well with a pump and motor and construct a treatment facility for the removal of manganese from the water. The proposed treatment facility will include a pressurized filter vessel; sodium hypochlorite on-site generation and feed system; a backwash recycle system; an at-grade steel reservoir; electrical panels and controls; process automation; backup power supply; site improvements; and off-site utilities.Estimated value: $6.5 million

Contract duration: 250 working days

PLEASE REVIEW THE BID FORM!! Pease_Sons_Bid_Form There  are THIRTY-ONE (31) bid items and your firm’s scope of work may fall within several different bid items.

Point of Contact
Pease & Sons, Inc.
Fax: 253.537.8113 or
Dale Strichertz (Estimator, Divs 1-10, 12 &13) – (253) 531-7700 or
Larry Boyd (Estimator, Divs 11, 16 & 17) – (253) 531-7700 or
Jeff Bell (Estimator, Div 15) – (253) 531-7700 or JeffB@Peaseandsons.comPease & Sons, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage bids from ALL subcontractors and suppliers including Small, Emerging Small, Women, Minority, Disadvantaged, Veteran, Vietnam Veteran, Disabled Veteran, 8(a), and HUBZone businesses.Pease & Sons, Inc. is a member of the AGC.Pease & Sons, Inc. is signatory to the Carpenters and Laborers Unions.

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