Original Procurement site for plans and specifications https://procurement.kingcounty.gov/procurement_ovr/detail.aspx?bidid=2657 check the plan holder’s list

Project page http://www.kingcounty.gov/environment/wtd/Construction/Seattle/FremontSiphon.aspx

Bid Due date: August 14, 2014 at 1:30PM, please check with Prime for Sub bid/supplier bid due date

Pre-Bid Meeting: Monday, July 28, 2014 at 2:30 pm OR Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 10:00 am Chinook Building, 3rd Floor, 401 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104

The specific MWBE / SCS goals defined for this project are:

  • 10% of the Contract Price to Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs)
  • 6% of the Contract Price to Women Business Enterprises (WBEs)
  • 3% minimum requirement for King County Certified Small Contractors and Suppliers (SCS)

Primes calling for Subs

super excavatorsSuper Excavators are soliciting quotations from certified MWBE / SCS subcontractors & suppliers for possible involvement on the project in all trades including the following segments of work, and any others that may have inadvertently been left off of this list: Clearing & Grubbing, Traffic Control / Maintenance, Landscaping, Asphalt (paving, saw cutting, removal, restoration), Concrete (paving, flatwork, structural), Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring, Trucking / Hauling, Pre/Post Construction Photo & Video Survey, Site Work / Site Restoration , Ready Mix, Fencing, Surveying, Electrical, Dewatering, Pipe Supply, Erosion Control, Etc.

Click here to view the full Invitation to Bid.

Contact: Jeff Weakly at (262) 252-3200 or email jeff@superexcavators.com

kiewitKiewit Infrastructure West Co. requests quotes from Small Business subcontractors and suppliers including DBE, WBE, MBE listed & certified by the State Office of Minority & Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE),  for the following services/supplies: Earthwork and Grading, 30” CSO Pipe, Concrete Work for Siphon Inlet and Outlet, Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk work, Screening Walls, Traffic Control, Utility Relocation, Trail Relocation, Asphalt/Paving, Drainage/Dewatering, Erosion / Sediment Control, ; Building demolition; Odor Control Facility Construction (Includes Doors,Windows,finishes), Signs Landscaping, Site Restoration, Trucking, Tug/Marine services; Electrical & Mechanical work, Engineering/Environmental and Quality Control services; and Other Work Scopes

Subcontractor/Supplier Quotes due in the office at 33455 – 6th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA 98003 no later than 4pm August 12, 2014

Click here to view the full Invitation to Bid.

Contact: Josh Morton or Dennis Ahl – Small/Disadvantaged Business Liaison (253) 943-4200, FAX: (253) 943-4021 josh.morton@kiewit.com or dennis.ahl@kiewit.com August 12, 2014

NOTE: If your company is awarded a contract related to this opportunity (or other opportunities) and/or added jobs, please let us know. Native PTAC is funded in part through the Dept. of Defense. Our goal under Economic Development is to report financial and job growth through our assistance as an aggregate to clients and partners. We greatly appreciate your attention to this detail which allows this program to continue to provide services at no-cost to you. Award Reporting