Project Title
  I-90 2016 Eastern Region Bridge Deck Repair
Post Requested by
  PCL Construction Services, Inc.
Type of Posting
  Sub-bids requested
Project Owner
Estimated Contract Value
Bid Closing
  June 2 @ 11:00 am
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  This is where bidders can access plans and specs for the project.
Subcontractor / Supplier Goals
  DBE 11% mandatory goal
Services / Supplies Needed
  Project Descriptions and Scope of work includes:
This bridge deck overlay project includes clearing and grubbing, removing asphalt concrete pavement, earthwork, scarifying, planning bituminous pavement, HMA paving, bridge transverse joint seal, temporary concrete barrier, pavement markings, shoulder rumble strip and traffic control of the 90/314S. 90/336N, and 90/336S bridges for WSDOT. Contract duration is 50 working days.
PCL Construction Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and request sub-bids from all contractors and suppliers including Minority, Women, Disadvantage/Disabled Veterans and Emerging Small Business Enterprises for the following scopes of work: pavement markings, traffic control, temporary barrier, earthwork, seeding, surveying, paving, and milling.
Point of Contact
  Ryan Olson
(p) 425-454-8020 (f) 425-454-5924

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