Request for Certified D/M/WBE Subcontractors & Suppliers

SR 530/Skaglund Hill Vic. to  C-Post Road Vic. – Emergency Roadway Reconstruction Project 

Owner: Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

Bid Date: May 27, 2014 at 11:00 am 

D/W/WBE 12% Goal

Shortlisted Proposers

Businesses interested in performing and bidding on this project as a subcontractor need to connect with the Shortlisted proposers. Skanska-Scarsella, JV and Parsons/Kuney, JV have sent in invitations to bid with more details for sub.

Please follow up with the shortlisted proposers directly.

Areas needed include but are not limited to:

Drainage, Embankment, Equipment Rental, Erosion Control, Fencing, Fish Passages, Flagging, Hydroseeding, Landscaping, Office Supplies, Quality Control Services, Reprographic Services, Signing, Street Cleaning, Striping, Surveying
Asphalt, Seeding/ Mulching, Aggregates, Erosion/ Sediment Control, Signs, Drainage, Fencing, Street Sweeping, Erosion/ Sediment Control Supply, Grading, Surveying, Geotextiles, Ground Improvement, Trucking, Precast Concrete, Maintenance of Traffic, Watering, Ready Mix Concrete, Misc. Concrete, Water Treatment, Retaining Wall (MSE), Office Cleaning, Temp. Items, Office Supplies, Underdrain Pipe Supply, Pavement Marking, Planting
Trucking, Landscaping, Sawcutting, Erosion Control, Traffic Control, HMA Paving, Guardrail, Temp Barrier, Striping, Public Information

NOTE: Our goal under Economic Development is to report financial and job growth through our assistance as an aggregate to clients and partners. If your company is awarded a contract related to this opportunity (or other opportunities) and/or added jobs, please let us know. We greatly appreciate your attention to this detail which allows this program to continue to provide services at no-cost to you. Award Reporting