It is that survey time of the year!! In order to maintain an Active business status with us and receive our free services and notifications, we need to hear from you!! This is a great time to check in with us, show off your successes, and update your company profile and contact information. Doing so helps us both assist our business community better and provides the necessary reporting data to keep the Native PTAC program funded and running.

We know your time is valuable! We only ask twice a year, so please take just a few minutes to respond. This can be done online through your profile (refer to the email sent to clients) or the printable version.

There are four components to our semi annual request: Company Profile, Awards, Survey and Success Stories.


Refer to the email sent to clients for instructions to access your profile including primary company contact, business information and search criteria. Set up an appointment to to discuss the details of your profile and make sure we have it right.


We are required to report our client contract award totals to our grant holder. If you have more than a few to report, please feel free to contact us for assistance or use the printable form. No specific information about you and your company is given, unless you are selected and agree to be a highlighted Success Story client. Contract awards may include:

  • Federal, State, Local Agencies or Tribal Government,
  • Agency Purchase Orders
  • Sub-Contractor to Prime Government Contractors
  • GSA Federal Supply Schedule Awards
  • Government Credit Card Purchases
  • Not sure if it qualifies? Just ask!

Refer to the email sent to clients for instructions to report awards, or use the printable version.


Please tell us how our counselors are doing and how we have assisted you. We invite you to provide any comments that would help us identify any program areas needing attention.  Our assistance may come in the form of (but not limited to!):

  • BidMatch notifications
  • Introductions and Networking opportunities
  • Website and Newsletter info
  • Market and industry research
  • SAM, State registration assistance
  • Federal, State, or Tribal certification assistance (8(a), HUBzone, M/WBE, DBE, SBE, TERO, CVE)

Success Stories

What can we say, we like to brag about you! We are always on the lookout for stories about our clients. Especially, if it highlights the assistance you received as a Native PTAC client and has in some way, contributed to the success of your company. Assistance could have taken place in any year, as long as you have recently felt a positive effect.

We are also happy just to celebrate with you. Make sure to email us your press releases and company announcements any time to share with the community.

Our most recent announcement, Congrats to US West Corporation for the new shiny HUBZone Certification!

We may also use your kind words on our website. You can review the testimonials of Native PTAC here.

Thank you in advance for responding to this request.

Please to do hesitate to contact us with any questions or need for assistance by phone: (206) 816-6596, or email:


Daucey Brewington, Program Director,
Kylene Peters, Program Manager,
and the rest of the Native PTAC Team20141204_Staff_sm