Request for Proposals – Quinault Indian NationQuinault Indian Nation
Released date: January 14, 2014
DUE DATE: February 14,2014- 5:00p.m.
For: Development of Master Plan for Village of Taholah Relocation Project

Terms, General Conditions and Instructions
Sealed proposals must be received by the QIN Office of Planning & Community Development, 807 5th Avenue, Suite 3, Taholah, Washington 98587, or via email to, no later than Friday February 14, 2014 at 5:00 pm. The Quinault Indian Nation (QIN) reserves the right to waive any informality in the proposal process and will award the contract(s) based upon the qualifications and experience of an Engineering and Architectural firm that best meets the type of work necessary and that are deemed to be in the best interest of the Nation.

Inquiries should be directed to the Teddy Wallace-Hardcastle at: or (360)276-8211 ext. 239. Questions shall be submitted no later than Friday January 31, 2014 to be considered and answered. Inquiries, if deemed to be important to share with all proposers, will be answered through an addendum.

An introduction meeting to the project will be held on January 24, 2014, 8:00 am at the Quinault Indian Nation Planning Offices in the Village of Taholah. We will review requirements of the grant, and tour the village, and possible site for the new development. This meeting will detail work to be conducted by the A&E fum. It is recommended that prospective bidders attend this meeting.

The Quinault Indian Nation is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced engineering and architectural firms to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for relocation of the Village of Taholah, Washington out of the tsunami zone. The Quinault Indian Nation received a federal grant to develop the Master Plan over a three year project period. The Project will employ two full-time planners and an assistant to implement the objective work plan and keep the project on task. The Project will also utilize the services of a professional architectural and engineering firm to document all planning processes in a comprehensive Master Plan. This announcement seeks these professional services.

The Quinault Indian Nation intends to develop a Master Plan for all programs, services, businesses and housing situated in the ‘Village of Taholah, Washington. The Master Plan will identify phasing of development, budget estimates, and preliminary development theme, preliminary engineering of infrastructure plans and development policies.

The Master Plan will include:
1. Design and schematic theme – includes detailed preliminary architectural drawings of public facility plans
2. Infrastructure – development of preliminary engineering plans for streets; water and waste water lines, utilities and sidewalks
3. Boundary survey work – of development site
4. Design policies, development policies and principles (based on community/stakeholder participation)
5. Identification of development phasing
6. Budget development for each phase of development

Scope of Work
Year One: A&E Firm to work with staff in community and stakeholder meetings, initial surveys, and have identified Master Plan development principles and documented them as policies.
Year Two: A&E firm will have completed streetscape design policy, development policies, and siting Master Plan will have been adopted with focus on physical site work and infrastructure needs.
Year Three: A&E firm will have completed the Public Facility Siting Plan, Public Facility Architectural Plans, the Preliminary Public Infrastructure Engineering Plan will be completed in the final Master Plan draft with relocation phasing and construction budget estimates.

Proposal Requirements
All proposals must include the following elements:
1. General overview of consulting firm’s company profile and qualifications.
2. Statement of qualifications including experience of firm and assigned staff with similar projects. Attach the resurries of all key personnel proposed for the project.
3. Project understanding and approach including any variance from the scope of services above.
4. At least three references from similar projects.
5. Three examples of similar projects completed within the past 5 years.
6. The cost estimate is considered a non-binding good faith estimate of time and costs of providing the services proposed.
7. Identification of any facilities, equipment, support, or additional information required of QIN in order for the consultant to perform the proposed scope of services.
8. Schedule for project completion including major milestones and stakeholder meetings.
9. Five (5) copies of the proposal materials shall be submitted for distribution to the selection committee along with one electronic version of the proposal package.

Evaluation Criteria and the Selection Process
The basis of the award will be to the respondent receiving the most points from a staff and Committee review based on the following criteria:
• Qualifications of the consultant and firm, must be LEED certified (30 points)
• Project understanding and approach (20 points)
• Familiarity with the QIN and reservation (10 points)
• Past performance/references (10 points)
• Cost proposal (30 points)
• Preference will be given to qualified Native American Firm
Selection of the successful proposal shall, in part, be based upon the completeness of the submittal, the quality and price of the services, the reputation of the respondent, and the ability of the respondent to meet all deadlines for delivery of the item(s).  In some cases, it may be deemed necessary to negotiate with the respondents to ensure QIN receives the appropriate deliverables within the required timeframe. A declaration of an apparent low bidder or successful bidder does not constitute the award of the bid. The award shall be made only after a thorough review of the proposal and the actions by the Quinault Business Committee.

NOTE: If you get a contract related to this opportunity (or other opportunities) and/or added jobs, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know. The PTAC gets our funding through the Dept. of Defense. Our goal under Economic Development is to report that we’ve helped client businesses with their financial and job growth. We greatly appreciate your assistance so we can continue to provide these services at no-cost to you. Award Reporting