Project Title
Kraff’s Clothing Feasibility
Type of Post
Request for proposals
Project Owner
Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation
Bid Close: Date and Time
June 30th, 2017 at 4pm
Scope of Work
• Competitive Market Analysis
o Assess local demographic and economic data to identify the characteristics of the local and online markets to identify potential demand
o Identify competing businesses in the local area and online to include their location, product offerings, share of market
o Conduct a physical inspection and evaluation of the Kraff’s location to include present use levels, community needs, and the potential for expanded or alternative new uses, for example beading materials.
o How are the operational areas structured
o Does the structure lend itself to maximizing revenues and controlling expenditures
o Determine the effectiveness of existing programs; efficiency and economy of the operations
• Operational Analysis
o Evaluate existing practices and examine key business elements of the Kraff’s business.
o Include: Identify and evaluate the various sales methods (internet, in-person, pow-wow travel sales, etc.) as well as the percent contribution to overall operations
o Identify whether it will be important to maintain a presence in the downtown area or whether operations can be relocated with minimal disruption
o Evaluate online sales methods and fulfillment, and list requirements necessary to optimize online sales
• Financial Performance Analysis and Business Plan
o Evaluate the financial condition of the business
o Include: Assess valuation of inventory (i.e. Valuation method is correct and the probable true value of inventory)
• Prepare a business plan for the Kraff’s’s operation as a Yakama Nation enterprise and a strategy for implementation of the business plan. Analysis shall be conducted of all necessary revenue and expense categories to estimate potential performance of the Kraff’s facility based on current activities and proposed recommendations. This phase of the study process will involve integrating market findings and expected use levels into a five–year cash flow pro-forma for business. In consideration of market conditions and proposed quality of services attainable sales will be estimated and detailed revenue and expense estimates developed for each facet of the sales operation.
• Deliverables will include:
o A five (5) year financial pro-forma statement that will result in a warranted investment estimate that can be used to aid in determining an appropriate level of investment in a variety of design layouts and/or altered uses.
o Review and analysis of all existing and potential revenue centers of the business.
Subcontractor / Supplier Goals, Set Asides, Preferences
Please submit general statements about your organizations qualifications and other information deemed necessary. These items will serve as the basis for evaluating proposals. Include at least the following:
• Firm name, business address, telephone, e-mail address, website address and fax numbers
• Contact person(s) with title(s)
• Professional history and affiliations
• A brief discussion of general knowledge and qualifications and a description of any special knowledge or capabilities material to the services requested in the RFP.
• Previous experience with sovereign Tribal Nations
• A fee proposal for the project which shall include all required work as outlined in the Scope of Work
• Describe the proposed approach and methodology to performing the work. Information should demonstrate the consultant’s:
§ Knowledge of the subject area;
§ Knowledge of the technical and functional needs;
§ Proposed strategy to accomplish the work
• Identify project milestones and projected staff hours for each major task and the estimated date/time of completion of each task. (Include a Gantt charge that outlines major events and tasks)
• Please submit resumes for personnel proposed to complete the project. State their proposed project responsibilities.
• If sub-consultant(s) are proposed, provide the name, address and telephone number of the subconsultant, the type of work to be performed, and the percentage of the total work proposal.
• Submit the name(s) of specific staff to be assigned to this project. Provide a work history resume for each of the key personnel.
• Submit a minimum of three references to contact of recent demonstrated experience in providing consulting services similar in nature and size to the scope of work, and include any recent Tribal Government references. Provide a short description of the work performed, dates of services, names, addresses, telephone numbers, and locations. If sub-consultant(s) are proposed, a minimum of three references that meet the standards above are also required.
Additional documentation links and their importance.
The Yakama Nation and the evaluation team reserve the right to reject any and all proposals and to
waive informality, technical defect, or clerical error in any proposal, as the interest of the Yakama Nation
may require.
Point of contact – Please include their name, job title, phone, fax, and email address.
Karen A. Cunningham
509-865-5121 ext.6050

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