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Tribal Housing Facilitator
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The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
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Invitation to bid
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Sara Pennington, Purchasing Agent
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02/19/2017 / 5pm (PT)
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January 30, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites you to submit a quotation to address tribal needs in the creation and operation of an inter-tribal housing authority for the Columbia River. Our organization is seeking a qualified firm or individual(s) who can effectively provide professional services to the CRITFC in the form of facilitation and drafting services to support the creation of an inter-tribal housing authority.

CRITFC is a subdivision of the tribal governments of the Warm Springs, Yakama, Umatilla, and Nez Perce tribes. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, CRITFC has been active in managing fisheries and putting fish back in the rivers since its creation in 1977. For more information on our organization, please visit our website at

Although the listed requirements and details are subject to change or modification, please match them as closely as possible with your quotation. All final specifications shall be negotiated and finalized by contract.

We anticipate that the provider whose proposal is the best solution for our project will be selected by February 28, 2017. We will notify all responders to this RFQ, regardless of whether they are unsuccessful, disqualified or rejected. Each responding firm and/or individual will bear all expenses associated with preparing and providing their response to this RFQ.

We thank you for your time, effort, and interest in meeting our professional services needs.

Sara Pennington
Purchasing Agent

I. Objectives
The objectives for a successful conclusion of this project are:
• An inter-tribal governance structure recognized and authorized as a tribally designated housing entity of the tribal governments of the Warm Springs, Yakama, Umatilla, and Nez Perce tribes to address tribal housing and related needs along the Columbia River;
• Clarity regarding the needs of the tribal community to be served;
• Priorities for housing services; and
• Identification of resources for long-term housing operations.
II. Background
Western development, including construction of the three lower Columbia River dams beginning in the 1930s, displaced many members of the four Columbia River treaty tribes: the Warm Springs, Umatilla, Nez Perce, and Yakama Nation. These four tribes have a treaty-protected right to fish along the river in their usual and accustomed places, but they were also promised housing to replace what was inundated after the dams became operational. That promise has largely not been kept. As a result, today, many tribal members live in makeshift housing at 31 small sites along the Columbia that were designed primarily for daily, in-season fishing access and temporary camping. The living conditions at these sites are deeply distressing and unsafe, without proper electricity, sewers, or water. Many tribal members use these areas as longer-term or permanent residences.

In response to resolutions from the four CRITFC member tribes to study tribal housing and infrastructure needs along the Columbia River, the US Army Corps of Engineers conducted a fact finding review in 2013 of unresolved housing claims related to construction of Bonneville and The Dalles dams. This project collected and reviewed applicable federal statutes, reports, and design documents along with Indian Claims Commission records and records provided by tribal governments. It also reviewed administrative and physical considerations that affect tribal housing development, identified potential solutions to provide on-river housing, and resulted in a final report for consideration by the Corps
On December 16, the President signed the waterways infrastructure and improvements act for the nation (WIIN) that provides authority for the Corps to address tribal displacement that occurred due to the construction of Bonneville and John Day dams, in addition to the authority that the Corps already possesses regarding impacts of The Dalles Dam. The establishment of an intertribal housing authority is an important complement to the steps the Corps is taking to address these long standing housing needs.
III. Scope of Services
At minimum, the selected vendor will be expected to provide the following services:
• Facilitate meetings to develop goals and objectives for the formation and operation of a new intertribal housing authority for the Columbia River;

• Prepare an Indian Housing Plan specific to the Columbia River replacement housing and draft the elements of an intertribal housing authority to be presented to tribal councils;

• Seek tribal resolutions to approve the formation of an intertribal housing authority; and

• Identify governmental and private resources to support the establishment and operation of an inter-tribal housing authority for the Columbia River.

IV. Requirements
• Vendor(s) must work collaboratively with CRITFC staff and tribal policy makers to develop reasonable timelines and meet all milestones/deadlines.
• Qualified vendor(s) must:
o Be able to produce and deliver on-time, high-quality draft documents.
o Have experience in facilitation, preferably with tribal governments.
o Have knowledge of Columbia River tribal history;
o And possess, the ability to facilitate dialogue towards the formation of a new intertribal housing authority for the Columbia River, including tribal governments, tribal community along the river, and other relevant partners
• Produce a final report for CRITFC to inform tribal council decisions on the establishment of a new intertribal housing authority for the Columbia River.
V. Submission Requirements
To simplify evaluation and to assure each submission receives the same orderly consideration; all submittals are to follow the format described in this section.
Title Page
Client name; proposal for project title; agency name; address, website address, telephone number; and primary contact person and his or her email address.
Cover Letter
Signed by the person or persons authorized to sign on behalf of the agency.
Project Approach
Describe in detail your proposed approach to completing the project goals outlined above. Specify all deliverables and include a description of each. Specifically address how you will ensure timely completion of this work product.
Skills and Experience
Provide the following qualifications and information
o Key Personnel: Provide the name of the primary staff and their minimum qualifications, including resumes demonstrating the ability to meet the requirements of this RFQ.
o Work Sample: Provide a work sample appropriate to this project.

Provide a detailed description of the desired compensation for services (retainers, fees, or commissions) and how these amounts are calculated.

VI. Evaluation and Selection Criteria
Vendors will be evaluated on, but not limited to, the following criteria (total weight 100%):
• The ability of the vendor to meet the specifications; 40%.
• The ability of the vendor to support the requirements; 40%.
• The anticipated price of the services; 20%.

VII. Submission
Sara Pennington at will be the single point of contact for any and all inquiries, correspondence, and submission of quote.

Q&A deadline February 08, 2017
RFQ due date February 19, 2017
Decision date February 29, 2017
Project timeline March 15, 2017 – until completed

CRITFC reserves the right to reject any or all bids or withdraw this RFQ at any time. CRITFC may seek clarification of the submission at any time, and responses must be timely to maintain consideration.
This RFQ gives rise to no contractual obligations, implied or otherwise. By submitting a proposal, the bidder agrees to keep confidential all information provided in connection with the RFQ.

Point of Contact
Sara Pennington

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