Project Title
 Bremerton School District West Hills STEM Academy – New Addition, Phase II
Type of Post
 Request for Sub-bid
Project Owner
 Bremerton School District
Link to original solicitation
Estimated Contract Value
 $1.850 million
Bid Close: Date and Time
 03/26/2015 2:00 PM
Specific instructions: bid closing, mandatory meeting, bonding, insurance…
 PRE-BID MEETING: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 @ 2:30pm @ West Hills STEM Academy, 520 National Ave, Bremerton, WA (meet at front entry).
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 Internet Access to Plans, Specifications and Bid Documents
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Subcontractor / Supplier Goals, Set Asides, Preferences
This project is subject to WA State L&I Prevailing Wage Rates. Certified payroll will be required.

Pease & Sons, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage bids from ALL subcontractors and suppliers including Small, Emerging Small, Women, Minority, Disadvantaged, Veteran, Vietnam Veteran, Disabled Veteran, 8(a), and HUBZone businesses.

Scope of work
Project Description: Construction of a new 1-story wood framed addition and partial renovation of an existing school. The new addition is approximately 10,000 sqft.
Contract duration: Base Bid Work: Begin work on site within the primary construction area and installing the temporary gravel path at any time on or after NTP and achieve substantial Completion no later than December 15, 2015.
Base Bid work inside the existing West Hills STEM Academy including but not limited to electrical and plumbing extensions, and modification to the Library: Start work no earlier than June 20, 2015 and achieve Substantial Completion no later than August 22, 2015.
Base Bid sitework outside the Primary Construction area indicated on the site plan including but not limited to utility work, earthwork, grading, paving, and fencing: Start work no earlier than June 20, 2015 and achieve Substantial Completion no later than August 22, 2015.Categories Required

024100- Demolition Contractors
024195- Demolition Contractors (DBE,WBE
030121- Concrete Reinforcing
032100- Reinforcing Steel
033000- Concrete–Ready Mixed
050110- Structural Steel
050115- Structural Steel Fabricators (D
050150- Steel Erection
052000- Metal Joists
061753- Shop-Fabricated Wood Trusses
064100- Architectural & Cabinet Woodwor
070140- Roofing and Siding Panels
070151- Roofing Contractors
070155- Roofing Contractors (DBE,WBE)
070190- Caulking Contractors
072000- Thermal Protection
072100- Thermal Insulation
072500- Air & Vapor Barriers
074000- Siding Contractors
074600- Siding
076000- Flashing and Sheet Metal
076200- Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim
079513- Expansion Joint Covers Assembli
080180- Glazing Contractors
081313- Hollow Metal Doors
081400- Wood Doors
083300- Coiling Doors and Grilles
083613- Sectional Doors
085200- Wood Windows
085675- Windows (DBE,WBE)
087100- Door Hardware
089000- Louvers and Vents
090120- Drywall Contractors
090125- Drywall Contractors (DBE,WBE)
090131- Tile Contractors
090140- Tile/Marble/Terrazzo Contrs. (D
090180- Acoustical Contractors
090185- Acoustical Contractors (DBE,WBE
090190- Painting
090195- Painting Contractors (DBE,WBE)
093000- Tiling
096500- Resilient Flooring
096514- Resilient Flooring Contractors
096800- Carpeting
099000- Paint
101100- Chalkboards, Markerboards & Tac
101400- Signage
101470- Signs (DBE,WBE)
102113- Toilet Compartments
102813- Bathroom Accessories
104400- Fire Protection Specialties
116100- Theater and Stage Equipment
122000- Window Treatments & Coverings
129300- Site Furnishings
211300- Fire-Suppression Sprinkler Syst
260100- Electrical Contractors
260160- Electrical Contractors (DBE,WBE
310100- Earthwork
310175- Excavating Contractors (DBE,WBE
320190- Landscaping
320195- Landscape Contractors (DBE,WBE)
323100- Fences
323130- Fence Contractors (DBE,WBE)
330516- Concrete–Precast-Sanitary, Dra
Point of contact
Darron Pease
Pease & Sons, Inc.
Phone: (253) 531-7700
Fax: (253) 537-8113
Pease & Sons, Inc. is a member of the AGC.
Pease & Sons, Inc. is signatory to the Carpenters and Laborers Unions.


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