Project Title
Replace HVAC Systems, PMEL Bldg 707 (W912DW-15-T-7015) – McChord Field, JBLM, WA
Post Requested by
Pease & Sons, Inc. (Attn: Jennifer Kuljam, Estimator)
Type of Posting
Sub-bids requested
Project Owner
US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District
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Estimated Contract Value
$500,000 – $1 million
Bid Closing
9/15/15 @ 2:00pm
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Complete plans, specs & amendments for this project are available on-line via Pease & Sons’ website as follows:
2. Click on Bid Room
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a. User Name: 9996
b. Password: JBLMLS
4. Click on Replace HVAC Systems, PMEL Bldg 707 (McChord Field, JBLM, WA)
Subcontractor / Supplier Goals
Services / Supplies Needed
This project is located on a controlled access military base. This project is a Task Order for a MATOC contract. This project is RFP number W912DW-15-T-7015. Pease & Sons’ MATOC (Multiple Award Task Order Contract) number is W912DW-14-D-1006.

Project Description: Provide HVAC systems within the facility that provide for very restrictive environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) in order to be a certified lab for aircraft maint and operation. Bldg 707 is a single story, 12,000 sqft facility housing administrative space and equipment calibration laboratory. The existing HVAC systems consists of five zone AHUs with duct heaters, DX coils, and pneumatic controls located in a mechanical area in the attic space of the bldg. Condensing units for AC-2 and AC-3 are on the ground adjacent to the east side of the bldg. Condensing units for AC-1, AC-1A, and AC-2A are integral with the air handler. The sixth zone is AHU-1 which serves the reception and admin areas. The AC-1A which serves room 117 “Rock Room” (large mass granite slab) has an electric steam humidifier.
– Replacement HVAC systems shall maintain positive pressure within HVAC zones. Air filtration system shall maintain a particle count of 700 particles per cubic foot, 5 microns and larger.
– Provide 40 hrs of VRF manufacturer provided on-site training for a minimum of five Base technicians
– HVAC systems shall maintain constant temperature and humidity in calibration/repair areas in accordance with AFMAN 32-1094.
– Attic insulation shall be installed at the roof deck
– All penetrations through ceilings and walls shall be sealed and shall be air-tight.
– Contractor shall follow clean construction protocol and thoroughly clean the bldg prior to owner acceptance.
– DDC controls will be provided to interface with the VRF system and new exhaust fans. DDC controls will be tied into McChord base DDC system in Bldg 555.

Estimated Value: $1 – $5 million Contract Duration: 270 calendar days

This project is subject to federal Davis Bacon wage rates. Certified payroll will be required.

This project is subject to Buy American requirements. Please review the specs for additional information.

SPECIAL NOTE TO THE FOLLOWING (Proposal Evaluation Criteria):
1) HVAC Subcontractor Experience: Subcontractors tasked with providing HVAC systems that provide for very restrictive environmental conditions must have satisfactorily completed a minimum of two (2) projects of similar nature, scope and dollar value as described within the SOW dated June 30, 2015. Offerors shall submit a letter, or other documentation, reflecting the work history of the proposed subcontractor to be performing the work. Documentation must reflect a minimum of two (2) projects successfully performed and must include the following: title and location of projects performed, date of project (month/year project began and ended), brief description of work performed including size, scope and dollar amount, client, and client contact information.
2) Qualified DDC Installers: The contractor, who will be responsible for performing the direct digital control system installation, shall meet the following minimum requirements: a. If not the prime contractor, shall be limited to a first tier subcontractor; and, b. All personnel performing direct digital control system work under the construction contract shall be qualified as defined below: (1) A qualified person is a person employed by a licensed DDC contractor who can provide evidence that:(a) Personnel performing the work shall have completed at least five DDC system installations of similar design and complexity. (b) Personnel performing the direct digital control system work shall be certified DDC technicians. The school in which the certification was granted shall be accredited by the state of Washington or the Federal Government. Offerors shall submit documentation for a minimum of TWO Technicians, identifying that they meet the criteria in item a above. Documentation shall reflect the name of the individuals and their employer, that the offeror intends to utilize in the performance of work. The offeror shall utilize the proposed individuals for all direct digital control work under this task order. Any changes must be submitted and approved by the contracting officer prior to commencement of direct digital control system work.

Please review the Proposal Evaluation Criteria located in the RFP packet requiring submission of documentation for pertinent project history. This documentation is required to be submitted WITH THE BID.

Pease & Sons, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage bids from ALL subcontractors and suppliers including Small, Emerging Small, Women, Minority, Disadvantaged, Veteran, Vietnam Veteran, Disabled Veteran, 8(a), and HUBZone businesses. Pease & Sons, Inc. is a member of the AGC. Pease & Sons, Inc. is signatory to the Carpenters and Laborers Unions.

Point of Contact
Gordon Pease (253) 531-7700 or


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