No. Native PTAC offers our procurement counseling and BidMatch services free of charge.

What’s the catch? Fairly painless, as it turns out. As our client, we ask that you “pay” Native PTAC by completing our performance surveys (quarterly), event surveys and reporting any awards that you received.

Native PTAC needs your support!!

Every year, we are required to report our client feedback and contract award totals to the grant holders that fund our services. This data supports the positive impacts Native PTAC has on the community and economy, and encourages the continued funding of this program. Without this funding, Native PTAC will fail to exist.

We kindly ask you to take a few moments of your time to complete the survey and awards to report. An email went out on 07/05/2017 with this survey link you will need to log in to respond to the online survey.
Printable version: download the fillable form Survey and awards once completed, fax to 888.467.0240 or email to

Awards should be attributed to the services you receive at Native PTAC including:

  • a solicitation received on BidMatch
  • an introduction to a point of contact
  • any assistance in the contracting process from registering in SAM to getting paid.

Awards may include:

  • Federal, Tribal, State, Local Agencies;
  • Government Credit Card Purchases;
  • Agency Purchase Orders;
  • Sub-Contractor to Prime Government Contractors; or
  • GSA Federal Supply Schedule Awards or purchase orders

We greatly appreciate your valuable time and information. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to being able to continue providing support to you, your business and the Native community.


The team at Native PTAC