A recent survey shows that 87% of American business people actively use business cards when meeting new people. (http://www.sba.gov/community/blogs/business-cards-still-matter-here%E2%80%99s-how-make-yours-stand-out) Business cards are a quick and convenient way of sharing information and are still very relevant in today’s digital world.

A few tips (and an example) for companies involved in government contracting:

Here is an effective business card for government contracting (Thank you, Shannon!).  Certifications and all contact information is listed on the front of the card. The back of the card has their DUNS and NAICS codes, and some extra space. This card has enough information for contracting officers to get a good idea of what the business does, without crowding and overwhelming with too much text.












Government representatives and prime contractors need to know basic information about your business. Make their lives easier and show that you are on the ball. At a minimum include:

  • DUNS Number
  • CAGE
  • NAICS codes (primary at least)
  • Certifications


We don’t recommend using glossy paper stock. It is difficult to write notes on. Make sure to leave space to jot down the event you are at or a specific point for the person you are handing the card to. If you get that person’s card, let them see you making notes on their card.


Basic point of a business card is to make a connection. There is no point in getting someone’s card if you don’t use it! As soon as you are able, send an email or call your new contact. Remind them of your meeting at the event or location and what you discussed. This is important, especially if you told them you would. Follow up even if they said they would contact you.

Remember these tips when you are preparing your business cards for printing. Need someone to take a second look? Native PTAC clients are encouraged to have their marketing material reviewed by our counselors.