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POSITION TITLE: Senior Business Counselor – SW WA & OR Region (printable job description)
EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Regular, Full-time, and Exempt-Administrative
LOCATION: This position is to be located in the Vancouver, WA office serving SW WA and the state of Oregon.
HOURS & SALARY: 24 hours for Native PTAC and 16 hours for WA PTAC. Salary dependent on experience ($45,000-$60,000 full time pro-rated). Applicants may apply for one or both positions.


Individual will be responsible for conducting outreach to American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Tribal Owned and ANC Owned enterprises in or near their communities. Native PTAC provides advising, leadership and assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the specialty area of government contracting. Advising is provided face-to-face and via electronic methods for small Native enterprises and the counselor must conduct the research associated with those services.

This position is to be located in SW WA and OR State with an office located in the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver, WA.


Washington PTAC provides the same assistance to non-Native small business and entrepreneurs focusing on government contracts awarded to Washington State firms.


  1. The PTAC program is funded by a cooperative agreement with DOD (grant) and is overseen by DLA. We do not foresee a change in our future funding award for 2017-2018. With that being said, please explain your willingness or not to take on this year to year position.
  1. Please explain at great length your past experience and relationships with Native Americans both Alaska and Lower 48. Include business dealings, communication skills and other ways in which you have interacted within the Native communities.
  1. Please explain your understanding of and any differences that you are aware of with a privately owned 8a Native enterprise, those of a Lower 48 tribal owned 8a companies and an ANC owned 8a company; specifically having to do with contracting and acquiring/forming another 8a company.


Via JOBSCORE.com, include salary requirements, if applying for one or both positions and answers the additional questions below in the cover letter.
Email TRCDC Employment Application 2016, EEO FORM 2016, resume, cover letter include salary requirements and response to the additional questions to above: John McDonagh jmcdonagh@vancouverusa.com and Kylene Peters, Native PTAC – Program Manager Kylene@NativePTAC.org . Lastly, include the word “Asparagus” in the email subject line.


Expectations and Activities

  • Determine business’s capacity/suitability for government contracting & certifications
  • Provide bid/proposal technical assistance review
  • Assist in determining key markets for products and services within the public sector
  • Connect clients with possible markets
  • Assist with government program registrations and certifications
  • A practicing understanding of the SBA 8a program (individual, Tribal and ANC applications)
  • Interpret solicitations by reviewing contract clauses, terms, definitions and requirements
  • Help locate necessary documents for solicitations
  • Assist in contract performance issues
  • Maintain contact with all active clients
  • Develop and conduct procurement/contracting training classes, seminars and conferences
  • Market PTAC program and events
  • Develop, procure and maintain close working relationships with private and public sponsors, trade associations that are applicable to government
  • Develop and maintain close working relationships with statewide small business and professional organizations, universities, incubators and tech parks, and other organizations serving small businesses
  • Responsible for meeting assigned Defense Logistics Agency goals
  • Keeping counseling records current for quarterly submission of reports to DLA
  • Follow-up on quarterly award surveys & half yearly performance surveys as needed.
  • Serve as a member of the national APTAC association if the host organization sees fit to be a member
  • Attend, conferences and workshops to ensure professional development and program knowledge is kept current.
  • Maintain active presence / visibility with funding partners including the DLA, the State, local and tribal governmental entities, and private sector supporters.
  • Knowledge of a full range of procurement policies, complex contract terms, business development and business management methods
  • Other duties as assigned
not in any specific order of importance

  • Take ownership and accepts responsibility for entire work scope. Move tasks through to completion with minimal supervision.
  • Knowledge of business and contracting principles
  • Local knowledge of business community
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects
  • Must be able to learn complicated tasks quickly and independently
  • Must be action oriented
  • Ability to listen critically to identify needs and solve problems
  • Strong written and communication skills
  • Expertise in conducting seminars, workshops, procurement fairs or conferences that benefit businesses.
  • Active interest in identifying and serving the needs of start-up and existing small businesses
  • Professional & appropriate dress code in all meetings, trainings and events.
  • Must be able to work well with diverse communities.
  • Strong interpersonal, analytical, and management skills.
  • Flexibility with change.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the government contracting process, negotiation, management and performance phases.
  • BA/BS in business related course of study or equivalent business experience
  • Experience in the following computer systems : Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, OneNote, SharePoint, Use of the Internet
  • Experience in identifying procurement and business needs within a community
  • Experience in both private and public sector
  • Public speaking
  • Experience in working with senior leaders in business or the community
  • Experience in obtaining monetary and non-monetary resources
  • Daily use of computer & cell phone is required.
  • Light lifting required.
  • Travel by automobile in service area is required. Occasional plane travel may be required
  • Early morning and evening meetings may be required
  • Work requirements may exceed scheduled hours per week due to local events.

  • Knowledge of Federal Indian Policy, Native community economic development issues, small business and government contracting policy.
  • Experience living in and working with Native communities, Native Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations and Native Hawaiian Organizations.
  • Knowledge and experience of post-award process and procedures