RFP – Rasmussen Creek Barrier Removal

Request for Proposal

Rasmussen Creek Barrier Removal

Bid Date: July 16th 2013

Advertisement for Bids

Sealed proposals will be received for the Rasmussen Creek Barrier Removal Project, to take place in King County near Duvall, WA.  Bids must be received at the Tribal offices by July 16th at 10am. Bids will be opened on July 17th and the winning bidder will be notified by July 19th. Work to occur in late August/early September 2013. This project consists of mechanical and hand removal of invasive vegetation from 12,000 s.f. of riparian habitat and burying it in an adjoining pasture, temporary damming and diversion of stream around the work area (~600 feet) through bypass pipe, addition of 80 cu. yds. spawning gravel to 250 feet of channel, transport and installation of  minimum 36 pcs. large woody debris, topdressing exposed soils with 80 cu. yds. mulch, and other necessary TESC actions. Plans, Specs, and more information can be obtained by request to mattb@snoqualmietribe.us.

Bids should be addressed as follows: Snoqualmie Tribe ENR; Proposals c/o Matt Baerwalde; PO Box 969; Snoqualmie WA 98065; or hand deliver proposals to 8130 Railroad Ave SE, Snoqualmie WA.

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