The Muckleshoot Housing Authority will receive sealed bids for the construction of the Training and Maintenance Facility located on 158th Ave. SE in Auburn, WA 98092. The intent is to enter into an agreement with a single prime contractor for the work.
Sealed bids will be received until 1:00pm Pacific Time, on Thursday November 14, 2013 (CHANGED) at the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Construction Office located at 39009 172nd Ave. SE, Auburn WA 98092. Bids will not be received or accepted after that time.

Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk-Through & Communications:
Bidders are to review project specifications, plans and all instructions prior to submitting a proposal. It is also mandatory for bidders to review the site and “Site Investigations and Conditions Affecting the Work” outlined in the project General Conditions, prior to submitting proposal. An on-site walk for Bidders is scheduled for Thursday, October 17,2012 at 10:00am. Bidders shall meet at 38037158th Ave. SE.

Bidders may obtain Construction Documents by emailing a letter of interest to Chuck Hartung, Contract documents will be available October 10th, 2013.

Scope of Work
The scope of work includes all work to construct the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (MIT) Housing Authority – Training and Maintenance Facility as indicated in the Contract Documents. This includes all labor, materials and equipment necessary for completing site work, utilities, building, mechanical and electrical components. Note, the mechanical, fire protection systems, electrical, and low voltage systems are bidder designed. The main components of the work are noted below. Also note, certain utility components of work are to be completed by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Public Works Department..
1. Site Work & Utilities:

  • Layout and Work within the clearing I construction limits and elsewhere as indicated on the drawings except as may be specifically noted to be done by others.
  • Grading within the construction limits and transitioning to adjacent grades. Landscape areas are to be left 4″ low for top soil to be furnished and installed by Owner.
  • Coordinate with PSE on installation of gas line from street to meter at building. Trenching, piping and meter to be by PSE. Owner to pay PSE installation fees.
  • MIT Public Works shall perform the following work:
    • Trench, furnish and install the sanitary sewer from 158th Ave SE to a point 8ft from building.
    • Trench, furnish and install water line from 158th Ave. SE to within Sft of Riser Room. Public Works install the domestic water line and fire lines to within 5′ of the Riser Room. They will also install the fire hydrant, FDC and PIV in locations to be determined by the Fire Marshall.
    • Trench, furnish and install storm drain line from existing drain line north of site to new manhole, furnish and install manhole, furnish and install lines from the manhole to the new catch basins. Public Works shall furnish and install catch basins. Contractor to furnish and install roof drain lines, foundation drain lines and connect them to the storm drain as indicated on drawings.
    • Trench, furnish and install a 2″ communications conduit between the existing Housing Authority building across the street to the Riser Room on the north side of the building.

2. Landscape: NIC. Top soil and planting to be furnished and installed by MIT.

3. Building:

  • Construct the complete facility of approximately 4,700 sq. ft as indicated in the contract documents.
  • Coordinate and make necessary miscellaneous adjustments as required for the final bidder designed mechanical, fire protection, electrical and low voltage systems.
  • MIT will apply for and obtain a Building Permit from MIT Planning.

4. Mechanical:

  • Design plumbing, HVAC and fire protection systems.
  • Connections to utility lines.
  • All labor, material and equipment necessary to complete the work.
  • Plumbing permit – if required
  • MIT will apply for and pay any sewer and water fixture or connection fees.

5. Electrical:

  • Design power, lighting, site lighting, and fire alarm systems.
  • All labor, material and equipment necessary to complete the work.
  • Apply for and obtain electrical permit(s) from L&l and pay permit fees.
  • Coordinate with PSE on location and installation of power service to the building. Trenching and service line to be done by PSE. MIT will pay PSE fee for the work. Contractor to provide concrete pad for transformer.
  • Contractor to provide 2″ communication conduit from Riser Room 115 to the to IDF in Room 112.
  • Coordinate with MIT communication and security provider. Provide boxes at locations shown or indicated. MIT provider to furnish and install all communication cabling and perform terminations.
  • See Sketch EC-1 for Data drop Locations. (Included this addendum)

6. Wages: Prevailing wages per Davis Bacon Act

Bidders may obtain Construction Documents and a list of prime bidders by emailing a letter of interest to Chuck Hartung, Contract documents will be available October 1Oth, 2013. Documents Received 10/11/2013 Project Manual and Project Drawings

Addendum No. 1 to the MIT Housing Authority Training and Maintenance Facility.  Please note the following.

  • The bid date has been changed.  See the Addendum for the new date and time.

Due to Drawing clarity issues we remarked up the Drawings and are currently scanning those larger Drawings in hopes they will be more readable.  In order to avoid confusion, addendum items have not been included in those drawings.  They are the same as originally drawings issued from an informational standpoint and the attached addendum applies equally to them as it did to the original issued Drawings.

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