The following notice just came in from SAM:

“Starting tomorrow, the System for Award Management (SAM) will implement a policy that only allows incomplete registration records, i.e. “Work In Progress” records, to remain in SAM for ninety (90) days. If the incomplete registration record hasn’t been touched in ninety days, SAM will delete it. We will start sending the notification letter (see sample below) tomorrow, November 1, 2013, to the impacted Entity Administrators.

To manage the potential workload, we will send this e-mail notification out in groups of about 5,000 a day until all those who have really old, incomplete registration records have been alerted. There are currently 47,000 “Work In Progress” records that have not been touched in over sixty (60) days. They will have thirty days to decide what to do with the incomplete registration. If they don’t come back into the system to update their incomplete registration by the end of that thirty days, SAM will delete it.”

Incomplete Registration Deletion Policy

Subject: Action Needed: Incomplete SAM Registration for [Entity Name / DUNS / CAGE]
Recipient: Entity Administrator(s)
Cc: Entity Registration Representative or Office Registration Representative, if available

Email Body:
This email was sent by an automated administrator. Please do not reply to this message.
Dear [First and Last Name],

As of November 1st, 2013, the U.S. Federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM) is implementing a policy regarding incomplete Entity Management registrations. Incomplete registrations that have not been updated for over 90 days will be deleted from the system.

Note: SAM will NOT delete any completed registrations, which are those registrations in either Submitted, Active or Expired status. So, if you are in the process of updating an existing registration that is currently Active or Expired, SAM will only delete your incomplete update and not the existing registration.

You are receiving this e-mail because there is an incomplete registration for [Entity / DUNS / CAGE] in SAM. Please note that the registration will be deleted on [Insert Date registration will be deleted][A1] if you do not update it or complete the registration process by then.

When you are ready to update/submit your SAM registration, please follow the instructions below:
1. Navigate to and login
2. Click on Register/Update Entity
3. Click on Incomplete Registrations
4. Select the entity you need to update
5. Click on Update and begin the process of updating your record
6. Complete the process and click Submit
You will see a “congratulations” message on the screen when you successfully submit your registration.

For assistance, please contact the Federal Service Desk or by telephone at 866-606-8220 (toll free) or at 334-206-7828 (internationally).

Thank you,
The System for Award Management (SAM) Administrator
[URL to SAM Homepage]