The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (CTGR) enacted a Tribal Employment Rights (TERO) Ordinance on November 6, 2013. The TERO Ordinance asserts the Tribes sovereign rights to establish Indian and Tribal preference policy, a TERO program and a TERO Commission.

The TERO Program is currently recruiting Tribal Member Owned and Indian Owned Businesses (IOB’s) from across the region for opportunities to participate in economic opportunities with CTGR. TERO establishes a preference for IOB’s to obtain contracts and subcontracts to supply materials, goods, and services purchased by the Tribe. For this first year of the program, certification fees will be waived.

To be considered for participation as an IOB in CTGR TERO economic opportunities, the enclosed application needs to be submitted and approve by TERO. Upon approval, those businesses on the IOB list will be contacted and provided information on solicitations that are appropriate for their specific business line and provided a preference in the award of those contracts when they meet all the qualifications, meet the price requirements, and are otherwise deemed as being fully responsive in their submitted bid or proposal.

There are other lists of IOB contractors that have been previously used in the award of contracts with CTGR.Those businesses that are on those lists with the CTGR Engineering Department or CTGR Housing Authority will still need to apply and be approved by TERO. Those lists will be phased out. Only those IOB’s on the TERO approved IOB list will be recognized for the reference beginning January 1, 2015.

For more information please call Greg Azure at 503-879-2251. CTGR TERO looks forward to working with you!
Grande Ronde Tribe