Project Title
KPOB Pavement Maintenance & Renovation, Community Transit, Everett, WA #09-15
Type of Post
Invitation to Bid
Project Owner
Community Transit
Link to original solicitation
Estimated Contract Value
$3,500,000 to $3,700,00 (Base Bid)
The estimated range for Bid Option 1 is $520K – $550K.
Bid Close: Date and Time
4/7/2015 @ 2:00 pm PDT
Specific instructions: bid closing, mandatory meeting, bonding, insurance…
Prebid: 3/17 @ 1:30 pm at Community Transit, KPCR Conference Room Located at 2312 West Casino Road, Everett, WA 98203
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Subcontractor / Supplier Goals, Set Asides, Preferences
Scope of work
This project will upgrade and/or replace specific paved areas within the Kasch Park Operations Base and install a new storm water treatment facility. Some existing asphalt paving will be replaced with Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP). Some existing panels of PCCP will be patched and/or replaced. Other maintenance and repair of the asphalt and concrete paving is also included.

Community Transit currently has funding available for the base project. If at the time the bids are opened Community Transit has sufficient funding available, then the award may be made for the base project plus the additional option.

Point of contact
Contact: Theresa Teschlog, CPPB
Phone: 425-438-6139
Fax: 425-356-3405

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