Want to get paid? Don’t let your CAGE code expire!

Keep SAM happy, and your CAGE will be alright.

  • SAM stands for System for Award Management.  In essence, it’s the federal government’s vendor database.  If your company wants to do business with the federal government, it’s imperative that you register in SAM. 
  • CAGE stands for Commercial and Governmental Entity, another code.  The government automatically creates and issues your business a CAGE code once you properly register in SAM.  Having a CAGE code is very important because without one, your business is not eligible to receive U.S. Government funds — and that could mean you won’t be paid for contract work you are performing.

So, to restate the first sentence: If you keep your SAM registration up-to-date, your CAGE code will stay active.  

SAM requires all registrants to update their records at least once a year.  Now, with a change that takes effect on Aug. 25, 2016, if you don’t keep SAM up-to-date, you risk allowing your CAGE code to expire.  There is a saving grace: If you allow your SAM registration to lapse, you can renew it.  In turn, the CAGE system will pick up your SAM renewal and reset the expiration date on your CAGE code.

Remember, there is no fee charged to register in SAM and no cost to obtain a CAGE code. None!!!!

If you need help with SAM registration or verifying your CAGE code, the best place to get help is your nearest procurement technical assistance center (PTAC).

reposted from http://gtpac.org/2016/08/19/want-to-get-paid-dont-let-your-cage-code-expire/

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