Submission of Invoices for Fast-Pay Orders through the Invoicing Receipt and Property Transfer (iRAPT) System

Beginning Monday, June 27, 2016, invoices that contain fast-pay terms will require an associated receiving report prior to submission of the invoice.

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)/File Transfer Protocol (FTP) requirement to submit a receiving report will be temporarily disabled by July 2, 2016 to allow suppliers to adjust their EDI/FTP capabilities.  This requirement will be reactivated no later than December 31, 2016.

For EDI submissions, the receiving report (856) must be transmitted prior to submission of the invoice (810) transaction, unless a combo (857) transaction is utilized.

Any fast-pay EDI/FTP invoices that are submitted without the associated receiving report between June 27 –July 2 will fail and require resubmission.

DLA will provide notices when the capability has been disabled and subsequently reactivated.  Suppliers are advised that systems transmitting EDI/FTP transactions must be able to submit appropriate transactions (EDI 856 and/or 857) before this functionality is reactivated.

For iRAPT web submissions, a receiving report must be created prior to creation of the invoice.  A combo document may be utilized.

For questions concerning this change, please contact the DISA Ogden iRAPT helpdesk at (866) 618-5988, option 2.  For EDI/FTP mapping help, please request JITC assistance.

This notice from DLA that might impact your submission and payment of invoice.  In addition to DLA, this could affect other DoD awards if using Fast Pay.