Project Title
 Proposed Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad Tiger IV Siskiyou ODOT Tunnel Rehab Project (Project PI# 28351) in the State of Oregon
Type of Post
Project Owner
 Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad
Link to original solicitation
Estimated Contract Value
Bid Close: Date and Time
4:00PM EST Wednesday February 25th, 2015
Specific instructions: bid closing, mandatory meeting, bonding, insurance…
If you are interested in this project, there will be a mandatory Contractor Technical Forum on Wednesday February 11th starting promptly at 10:00AM PST in the open gravel area at  the Mt. Ashland exit (Exit 6) off I-5, GPS coordinates are (42º04’26.31”N, 122º36’27”W).   If you plan to participate in the Technical Forum, please RSVP with headcount to Kristine by close of business Friday.    All participants must complete and provide the attached release and indemnification form in order to participate in the forum on the 11th.    All pre-bid attendees must provide and wear personal protective equipment consisting of no less than hard hat(s), safety glasses, laced safety toe work boots at least six inches high and reflective safety vest.   There will be no exceptions.   Klaus Winkler with Shannon and Wilson will lead the prebid discussion.The bid due date is 4:00PM EST Wednesday February 25th, 2015.  Please use “Bid Form A” under Exhibit 7 to submit your bid proposal electronically.     Note your proposal must include those items listed in section 7 labeled “Proposal” of the RFP.   This includes but not limited to ODOT’s Subcontractor Solicitation and Utilization Report Form.

Funding for this project to be provided by a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Discretionary grant, administered by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and in partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)and is subject to additional reporting requirements, including the provisions of the attached Schedule 1 (Public Funding), Exhibit 8 and Exhibit 10.  Award of the bid is contingent upon availability of funds.

Summary of grant requirements, however not limited to:

  • Davis Bacon
  • ODOT Prevailing Wages
  • Buy America
  • DBE outreach participation
  • Public Works Bond
Additional documentation links and their importance.
This RFP and its related documents can be retrieved from the sharefile link:

  • RFP Package including RFP letter, Schedule, Scope of Work, Proposal Requirements & Bid Form A’s, Insurance Requirements, Payment Processes & Safety Requirements.
  • Exhibit 1 – General & Technical Specifications.  This zip file loaded on sharefile only due to size.
  • Exhibit 2 – Scope of Work Summary
  • Exhibit 3 – Project Plans.     This zip file loaded on sharefile only due to size.
  • Exhibit 4 – Tunnel Maps & Profiles.   This zip file loaded on sharefile only due to size.
  • Exhibit 5 – Location Maps & Track Charts.  File loaded on sharefile only due to size.
  • Exhibit 6 – Geotechnical Summary Report.  File loaded on sharefile only due to size.
  • Exhibit 7 – Bid Form A
  • Exhibit 8 – CORP ODOT Tiger IV Grant Agreement.  File loaded on sharefile only due to size.
  • Exhibit 9 – Approved DBE Plan.  File loaded on sharefile only due to size.
  • Exhibit 10 – FRA ODOT Tiger IV Grant Agreement.  File loaded on sharefile only due to size.
  • Schedule 1 – Special funding requirements.   Located in the RFP document.
  • Release Agreement for on-site pre-bid meeting
Subcontractor / Supplier Goals, Set Asides, Preferences
All contractor work and any sub-grantee work must be performed in accordance with CFR 49, Contractors will assume responsibility for State and Federal Statutes and regulations, the “Buy
America” provision applies.
Scope of work
 1. Timber Set Removal and Replacement

  1. Removal of all timber components including footings and loose rubble that accumulated behind the liner and scaling of loose rock in the timber lined sections of the tunnel.
  2. Shotcreting – Applying steel fiber reinforced shotcrete over exposed bedrock in timberlined sections after the removal of the timber liner. Shotcreting includes the application of consecutive layers to a final shotcrete thickness of 6 inches, as shown in the Drawings.
  3. Rock Dowels – Installation of 8-foot-long cement-grouted rock steel dowels in boreholes at the locations indicated in the Drawings or as directed and approved by the Engineer.
  4. Drainage Mats – Installation of drainage mats in areas of high groundwater inflow, as indicated in the drawings and as directed and approved by the Engineer.
  5. Spiling – Work may include the installation of spiling (10-foot-long 1-inch diameter steel rebar dowels) in areas of unstable or marginally stable ground as directed or approved by the Engineer.

2. Drainage Improvements

  1. Test Pits – Excavation of exploratory test pits in sections of the tunnel that are supported with steel sets to evaluate footer conditions.
  2. Footer and Liner Support in steel set lined sections – Based on the test pit exploration, prepare a footer and liner support plan and install additional footer and liner support as approved by the Engineer.
  3. Track Structure – Remove the existing track structure including rail, ties and ballast, and replace with new track and ballast.
  4. Drainage System – Remove the existing drainage system consisting of a 8-inchdiameter corrugated steel pipe and concrete clean-out structures along the east side of the existing track and replace with 8-inch-diameter perforated PVC pipe installed along both sides of the new track as indicated in the specifications. Align new drainage system with existing ditch lines at the portal areas and perform ditch grading as directed and approved by the Engineer.
Point of contact
 If you have questions pertaining to this Request for Proposal, please submit them in email format to no later than Wednesday February 18, 2015; 12:00PM EST.  All questions and answers must be documented and will become part of the contractual documents.Kristine N. Storm
Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
Assistant Vice President- Purchasing
Office Phone: (904) 900-6250
Cell Phone: (386) 503-5555

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