The Nisqually Indian Tribe is requesting proposals from tax accountants interested in contracting with the Tribe to assist with tribal business related and personal tribal member taxes and to create tax strategies to reduce the amount of taxes a client owes while remaining compliant with generally accepted accounting principles and the law.

Must have the ability to interpret and understand tax law, including those laws as they related to tribal governments and tribal members, and must occasionally explain tax law and its implications to clients; some with limited knowledge of the process and laws. Must be willing to assist and/or prepare and file taxes, financial planning, attend and participate in strategy meetings with clients and others, preparing presentations and reports on tax situations, reporting, tax law, and researching and reviewing past tax filings.

Must be a currently enrolled tax agent, CPA preferred but not required.
Please send qualifications and proposals to:

Nisqually Indian Tribe
Attn: Jill Wall
4820 She Nah Num Dr. SE
Olympia, WA 98513