INVITATION TO BID respond date has changed

The Nisqually Indian Tribe (Owner) will receive sealed bids from invited Bidders for the construction of the Nisqually Tribe Library – Minor Renovations project located at 4814 She-Nah-Num Drive S.E., in Thurston County, Washington. The bidding period commences on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 and runs until 12:00 PM, local time on Friday, May 2, 2014 (changed 4/25/14). Bids are to be submitted at the Nisqually Tribal Center, Attn: Jill Wall at 4820 She Nah Num Drive S.E., Olympia, Washington 98513. Bids received after the time fixed above for receiving bids cannot be considered.

For any questions concerning the bidding process or a walk-through of the site, please contact David Iyall, Project Manager at or (360) 456-5221 x2119 or (360) 338-1047.

Nisqually Tribe Library–Minor Renovations Project Estimate Range: $ 24,000.00-$ 28,000.00.

In general, the work of the contract includes all materials, labor, trucking, equipment, services, etc. as required for completion of all building construction work for the Nisqually Tribe Library –Minor Renovations Project. Refer to Section 01 10 00–Summary for additional information regarding scope of work under this Contract.

Minority, Woman and Native American subcontractors and support personnel are highly encouraged to participate in this project.

The Architect for this project is KMB design groups, inc., p.s., 828 7th Avenue SE, Olympia, Washington 98501, Phone (360) 352-8883, Fax (360) 352-8853. Invited Contractors may obtain one (1) set of plans from Alpha Graphics (formerly doo’ps Copy Tech), 705 4th Avenue East, Olympia, WA 98506, telephone (360) 956-1020 upon the deposit of $50.00 for said set. Please make checks payable to the Consultant, KMB design groups, inc., p.s. Return of deposit to be in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

Should a bidder or sub-bidder wish additional sets or parts of sets, they may purchase them from Alpha Graphics at the cost of reproduction thereof, plus handling and mailing costs, with no refund for the additional sets or parts thereof.

A certified check or bank cashier’s check or bid bond executed by a State licensed surety company made payable to the Nisqually Tribe of Indians is required with each bid, in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the Base Bid plus Additive Alternates, if any.

The successful bidder will be required to furnish a satisfactory Performance Bond in the amount of 100% of the Contract Price.

The Owner reserves the right to waive informalities and to reject any and/or all Bids for any reason and, in particular, to reject a bid not accompanied by any required bid security or data required by the Bidding Documents or a Bid in any way incomplete or irregular. All bids may be rejected if bids received exceed the funds available.

The Project is subject to Indian preference in contracting and hiring as set forth in Subparagraph 3.4.4 of Document 00 73 00, Supplementary Conditions. Contractors must apply every “good faith effort” to see that minorities, Native Americans and women comprise a portion of each construction trade on this project and to the maximum extent feasible, lower income persons are given employment opportunities and businesses in the community are given contracting opportunities on this project.

Native American preference in awarding the project by the Nisqually Tribe is to support and encourage Indian business participation to the greatest extent possible without incurring unwarranted project cost. Indian business participation preference will be given to invited bidding Contractors in the following priority:

  1. If an invited Nisqually owned business submits a responsive bid within 10% of the resultant lowest responsive bid, then the project may be awarded to the Nisqually owned business even if it did not submit the lowest bid;
  2. If an invited non-Nisqually Indian owned business submits a responsive bid within 10% of the resultant lowest responsive bid, then the project may be awarded to the non-Nisqually Indian owned business even if it did not submit the lowest bid.
  3. If an invited non-Indian owned business who uses minimum 10% participation of Native American subcontractors submits a responsive bid within 10% of the resultant lowest responsive bid, then the project may be awarded to the non-Indian owned business even if it did not submit the lowest bid.

The owner intends to make available any and all opportunities for employment and training for Nisqually Tribal Members, their immediate families, and all other Native Americans. Therefore, the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) is in effect for this project. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Native American preference in employment. We have set a goal for each project to employ 35% TERO Referrals.
  • Native American preference in contracting.
  • 1.75% Employment Rights tax on projects $20,000 and over

For any questions on TERO please contact:
Bob Iyall
Nisqually TERO Officer
(360) 456-5221 ext. 1128
(360) 339-0568 cell

NOTE: If your company is awarded a contract related to this opportunity (or other opportunities) and/or added jobs, please let us know. Native PTAC is funded in part through the Dept. of Defense. Our goal under Economic Development is to report financial and job growth through our assistance as an aggregate to clients and partners. We greatly appreciate your attention to this detail which allows this program to continue to provide services at no-cost to you. Award Reporting