Project Title
Northgate Link Extension
Post Requested by
Lydig Construction
Type of Posting
Sub-bids requested
Project Owner
Sound Transit
Original Solicitation Link
Estimated Contract Value
Bid Closing
6/10/2016 4:00PM
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Project information can also be found at:
Builders Exchange –

An Outreach Event will be held June 8, 5-7pm.

For details on outreach, please email: Dee Riley

Subcontractor / Supplier Goals
small business goal: 12%; DBE goal: 5%
Services / Supplies Needed
Subcontracting Opportunities: Construction Survey, Erosion Control, Environmental BMP’s, Civil Work, Security Barrier and Fencing, Tree Mitigation, Demolition & Removals, Grading & Drainage, Site Restoration, Composite Utility, Potholing, Signing & Striping, Signals & Street Lighting, Landscape Work, Tree Removal & Protection, Hardscape, Planting, Irrigation, Architectural Finishes, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical Lighting, Power, Fire Alarms, BMS, Grounding, Communications, Vehicle Access Control Systems, Acoustical Wall Treatment, Access Gates & Screen Walls, Sound Absorptive Wall Panels, Drilled Shafts, Guideway Lighting & Systems, Support of Excavation for Deep Foundations, Furnish and Install Rebar, Post-Tensioning, Metal Frames Building & Stairs, Elevators & Escalators, Wind Screens, Bus Shelters, Light Duty Utility Chases, Roofing, Reflected Ceilings, Doors & Windows, Storefront, Louvers, Glazing, Parking Garage, Painting, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Shoring Systems, Site Security, Trucking, Waterproofing, Placing and Pumping Concrete.

If you’re interested in meeting one-on-one with one of the Shimmick/Lydig–JV team members for a division, let Dee know which one(s).

›› Div 2 – Demolition
›› Div 3 – Structural and Architectural Concrete
›› Div 4, 7 – Masonry, Thermal and Moisture Protection
›› Div 5 – Metals
›› Div 8 – Doors, Windows and Hardware
›› Div 9 – Finishes
›› Div 6, 10 – Casework and Specialties
›› Div 11, 12 – Equipment and Furnishings
›› Div 14 – Elevators/Escalators
›› Div 21, 22, 23, 25 – Mechanical
›› Div 26, 27, 28, 34 – Electrical and Transportation
›› Div 31, 32 – Earthwork and Site Improvements
›› Div 33 – Utilities and Traffic Control

Point of Contact
Dee Riley
Diversity Manager 206-618-8586Jamie DeFranco
Estimating Assistant 425-629-2110

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