Latest Past Events

Business Marketing Webinar

Marketing starts with research. The government, especially the federal government, is big (really big) and complicated. Successful businesses find their focus through researching who buys their products and services, how and from whom. This is done early and often. This focus will hone marketing efforts and distill your marketing message. It can also help you […]

Growing Your Business Webinar

As you develop or grow your business, new and exciting complications will pop up. Acronyms creep into your standard language. You learn to balance contracting efforts with financial stability. The rules of acquisition start to become clear and understandable. You are ready to explore bigger contracts. You need to understand the various certifications and programs […]

Business Assessment Webinar

Have you been thinking of starting a business? It takes a strong and determined will to drive through the start up phase of a business. The first two years are the toughest. Add government contracting to the mix and you might drown in digital paperwork before you see your first contract. Not to worry. It […]