As our September event Opening Doors 2013 quickly approaches, we wanted to remind you to purchase your advertising in this year’s annual event’s program and directory. This is a great marketing tool you can use to get your name in front of all attendees, exhibitors and presenters. We even hand out extras through out the year. So use this opportunity to market your company. Rates start at $75 for an 1/8 pg ad (about the size of a business card). But why go small? An Inside Full Page ad is ONLY $450!

You can find all the details on this advertising info sheet. Hurry though, time is slipping slow towards September and the cut off for image submission is 4 pm, Monday, August 26th, 2013. Just over a month away.

Want to do more than just advertise? Sponsorships show your support in the work we at Two Rivers CDC and Native PTAC do while marketing your business. Opportunities range from Platinum Event Sponsor ($10,000) to Bronze Event Sponsor ($1500). These event sponsors reap a whole pole of benefits including extra attendees, dinner seats, exhibitor booths, logos included in marketing and more. Or select an alternative sponsorship and focus your support at a portion of the event that is meaningful to you. Perhaps you are a veteran and you want your sponsorship to support the Color Guard, select that option and be recognized for your sponsorship when the Color Guard does their thing.

We even have a special sponsorship for helping bring extra people along. The Scholarship Sponsorship gives the sponsor the opportunity to send a group to the event to learn and network. F0r $1000, the sponsor will receive a unique registration code for up to 10 attendees. The sponsor is then able to give out their code to whom ever then wish. This option is great for including and educating tribal members, the staff at large businesses and members of associations or unions. The Scholarship along with all other sponsorships include advertising in the program directory. More details can be found here: Sponsorships.

While attendance is not mandatory to advertise or sponsor, we encourage you to make the personal connection by being at the event and taking part in the government contracting community.

Please let us know if you have any questions. or